Stylists at Champu Emporium are the highest trained and experienced in Bozeman. Personable, professional, committed to your satisfaction and skilled to do the best job possible for you! Everything from haircuts, and hair color to waxing, gel nails, facials and everything in between.

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“I was born to be a hair artist – every head of hair is a sculpture that I never tire of doing”


Jonnie Dawn is master stylist who has been creating hair art for over 30 years. She is licensed in 5 states, and her creativity and versatility have made her one of the countries favorite hair designers.


Specialties: Color correction, blending and blonding techniques, and extensions.




Being born and raised here in Bozeman by Dutch parents has made me love travel and the outdoors. I love to ski, play golf and rock climb, and any excuse to travel for education. Or, visiting friends and family is a good enough reason for me.


I decided at age 12 that I wanted to be a hair stylist and started doing cut, color, and styling for high school dances shortly after that. I love the detail in cutting and the variety of people and styles each day brings.


Credentials: Studied hair for two years in the Netherlands and apprenticed under a top stylists in the province. I have extensive continueing education at Arrojo Studio in New York City as well as classes in San Francisco, London, Belgium and the Netherlands.


Specialties: Men’s haircuts, highlighting, razor cutting


Champu Emporium - Bozeman, MT


Favorite things: Spending time with my ten year old daughters, hikers, reading, cooking, and skiing.


I became an esthetician because I have my training in holistic health and Chinese medicine. I wanted to focus more on skin care. I love helping people look and feel their best.


Bachelors degree from Prescott College, Prescott, AZ and masters in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College. Graduated from Health Works Institute with a degree in esthetics.